"Training and courses for individuals and groups for a new partnership towards fullfilment and performance"

Difficult horses have taught me to question myself and better understand my life path, who I really am! How many times after a lesson I asked myself the following questions:

“Why am I doing this? Why pushing always myself above my limits by ruining my body and my mind? Did I enjoy? And my horse, did she have a good time?

What will happen to my ego and my image if I fail?"

I have ridden for a long time difficult and strong horses to the point that I no longer wanted to show.

The day I realized this I said to myself "I will do things differently!" That is why for me the two priorities remain safety and enjoyment of the horse and rider!

Once these criteria are achieved - you can start working the horse and rider. To optimize the session on horseback, work on the ground (ethology) remains an indispensable tool. To improve the relationship with their horse I propose students ethology sessions before starting dressage and jumping.

Once on horseback I give a lot importance to the position of the rider and I use specific techniques such as NLP, psycho-physical work, etc... to fix it.

I believe that if the student does not understand an exercise on the horse, it is the responsibility of the coach to get the message across with various means.

For example explain in another way, analyze the situation with the student, help them to become aware of what is wrong, and possibly ride the horse and show the exercise.

Personally, I work my horses in a simplest and most natural way without draw reins or any other tool. Because they prevent us from feeling the horse's mouth. The horse carries her had too low, falls on the shoulders, and especially loses communication with the rider.

For a horse to give us the best, he needs to be in balance mentally, emotionally and physically. This is why horses need to vary their daily activities such as: pasture, trail riding, flat work, jumping, longing, ground work, etc.

But every horse and every rider is different which is why depending on your needs I will propose you a custom made program with regular monitoring.


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."
- Marcel Proust