"There is no such thing as talent, without great will power."

-Honoré de Balzac


Alev started to ride horseback riding when she was 8 years old in Izmir Riding Club. Although she is not coming from an equestrian family she fell in love with horses at first sight.

She started her first shows in Istanbul Riding Club with a horse called “Stranger”

Later on she became 4 times Turkish Champion and a member of the Junior National team. She had many results at shows but the most important ones are as follows:

1986: Regional champion with Rimini Boy (1.30 m)

1986: Turkish junior champion with Sah (1.30)

1986: Second by team, at Balkan Junior Championships (1.30)

1988: Turkish senior champion for young horses with Ophélie (1.20)

1988: Turkish ladies champion with Top Gun (1.30)

1989: Turkish senior champion for young horses with Ophélie (1.20)

Alev didn’t own her own horse but rode for Aldo Baldini and Pisak family as well as other horse owners. Without them you wouldn’t be reading these lines.

 She holds a degree in applied economics sciences from university of Istanbul. After her studies she spent one year at Julie Ulrich’s farm in Virginia (dressage and show-jumping Grand-Prix rider) as a working student. She participated to the HITS (Horse Show in the Sun) circuit with Julies’ horses in Florida. During her stay she also had the chance to ride with Karl Mikolka (http://karlmikolka.com/) chief rider in the Spanish Riding School of Vienna and Jack Le Goff, national eventing coach of the USA.

At the invitation of her Belgian coach Philippe de Cunchy she arrived to Belgium. After one month of training with François Mathy (http://www.francoismathy.com/) she moved to Brussels and started to work for a Turkish company who sponsored Alev and bought Amité IV. This four year old gelding (son of Ibrahim) trained by Alev up to 6 years old won Grand Prix of New York and Palm Beach and participated to Aachen Grand-Prix under the saddle of Mc Lain Ward.

George Morris, Jean-Paul Musette, Hélène Arianoff, Michel Blaton, Nick Van Laer and Guillaume Ducos followed the evolution of Alev in dressage and in show-jumping.

Recent years Alev has encountered several young horses with difficult characters, sometimes aggressive and also difficult to ride. She decided to question herself and understand why she attracted always such horses. Therefore she had to seek a new way of partnership which invited her to open her mind to new approaches and new ways of thinking. The opening to personal development allowed her to better understand her relationship with horses and in life in general. Therefore she started to participate to several trainings among others with Jean-François Pignon, Nicolas Brodziak, Patrizio Allori, Buck Brannaman etc. She introduced for the first time natural horsemanship principles in Turkey and participated with her daughter Marie-Yasemin de Kemmeter to the first equine fair (EQUIST http://www.equist.org ) which took place in April 2012 and 2013.  Alev is also a columnist in the first ever published Turkish equestrian magazine TRUVA.

She gives also clinics and is invited by European exchange program ERASMUS to Eskisehir Osman Gazi University to give lectures for the staff and students in Turkey.

Alev also covered equestrian events for Eurosport International and wrote articles for the Belgian magazine "Hussard". Currently she is a columnist for the Turkish magazine "At Dunyasi".