"The noblest conquest of the horse is the woman."
- Alfred Jarry


Hello ! I am the lucky daughter of Alev, Marie-Yasemin. Having Alev as mother I have learnt to ride before walking. For me riding is more than just a sport or a passion. Horses are extraordinary animals, with a big heart, ready to do anything for their rider, they are my oxygen, my daily happiness, my freedom, my life…

When I ride a horse I don’t only trot and canter around, my concern is to have my horse comfortable in her body, forward, and supple.

My priority is the happiness of my horse. I always warm up my horse on a loose rein at walk, trot and canter. If she cannot execute an exercise I question myself first than I try to ask in a different way in order to make her understand. As every horse is different it is not always easy to figure out but my mum helps me with that.

But first of all I have fun! I can’t help myself laughing in the middle of a gymnastic when my mare jumps like a kangaroo or because she wants to eat grass or when I gallop bareback in the fields. It is pure happiness!

I love to work with different horses; every horse has its own character and something different to teach us.