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For a horse to give us the best, he needs to be in balance mentally, emotionally and physically. The same goes for the rider. And in order to be able to function as a healthy team the longest possible, we must listen ourselves and our horse. Because the horse is the "microcosm", the mirror of the rider's life in general.


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I have had problems in the past with maneges and with the people that used to give me lessons. I was afraid to do anything except for walking and trot. Alev has not only showed me how to ride a horse but how to be one with it, learn tactics to control it and how to listen to it. Alev makes the lessons fun and interesting. She taught me how to push a horse away from me when I am stuck between a wall and the horse, she taught me how to saddle a horse and I overcame my fear with canter. Shah is a perfect horse for me as she will not take off when a car passes or if there is a strange sound. I am definitely going to have a horse in the future and when I do I will use the tactics that Alev taught me. I am so happy that I would never want to learn differently. Thank you Alev :)  

Valentina Geerlings


Alev has shown me in a relaxed and very positive way how to establish a sane and trustful relationship with our dominant mare. She taugth me to better understand the needs of our mare and the reasons for her behaviour in certain situations. By doing a lot of ground work, I learned a great deal about my own attitude and inner energy, and how to direct the mare with calm movements and as little energy possible. Alev is a wonderful teacher with great intuition, patience and a sharp eye. What I find especially touching is her smile and calmness in those situations when our mare overreacted and bucked. Thanks, Alev!"

Johanna Griem


"For years as a horseman I follow the evolution of Natural horsemanship. I was very interested two years ago when Ms. Alev Sarc - one of ours – came back to Turkey being specialized in this field. After I watched her work with a lady and her horse in my farm the evolution I saw in this lady and her horse was very satisfactory. Later I learned that she had also worked with another owner who had fears and was very uncomfortable in the presence of her two horses. When I saw later this same owner I found that she had no more fears anymore and moreover she had succeeded to establish an incredible bond with her horses.Of course, we cannot consider this method as miraculous, but if you work with competent people like Ms. Alev Sarc, it is clear that it greatly improves the quality of life of horses and riders, and helps them overcome their fears. It is a method that helps mutual understanding, and that makes us feel good as much as the horse. Our daily interactions with our horses become more secure, confident, and therefore it is reflected in the sport. I thank Mrs Sarc to have come and introduced us this way of working with horses."        

Burak Gurman, owner of “Gurman farm”   


"On 30/12/2013 The Faculty of equine veterinary medicine at the University of Istanbul and the equestrian club has organized a seminar on natural horsemanship offered by Alev Sarc de Kemmeter and her daughter Marie- Yasemin.Faculties of Equine Veterinary Medicine, vocational equestrian high school, students and staff have shown great interest in our speaker who made both theoretical and practical presentations.Mrs. Alev Sarc transmitted us the sine qua non of riding that is to say, our ability to understand the horse, establish ways to ensure a mutual trust and have fun with the horse. We thank as Istanbul University "Equestrian Coaching Program» Mrs. Sarc for her idealism, dedication and knowledge that she has shared with us in such a short time."

Dr. Çağla Parkan Yaramis, Istanbul University,faculty of veterinary medicine vocational schools, President of the Equine coaching program


"Mrs Alev Sarc gave lectures of practical and theoretical training in the field of Ethology between 23 to 27 September 2013 under the “Erasmus Lectures Programme” at Eskişehir Osmangazi University Mahmudiye Vocational School Equestrian and Coaching Section in order to increase the knowledge and experience of our school faculty members and students.Alev Sarc provided valuablecontribution by her level of academic knowledge and care for professionalism to our vocational school faculty members and students. Eskişehir Osmangazi University Vocational School of Mahmudiye would like to thank her."

Assistant Professor Hakan Caliskan, Eskisehir Osman Gazi University vocational school director


When I think of what Alev taught me, it is primarily the ability to manage my energy, especially in difficult situations. Remain calm and positive above all! This amazingly improved my communication with my horse, and allowed us to regain confidence in one another. This is only a glimpse of what she transmits, in addition to her equestrian experience. I have only one word for her: Thanks! "
Lola Van Rampelberg


“As parents, we want our child to practice riding as a fulfilling experience and a great school of life. Alev has understood that and through her approach, she allows our son to discover the richness of the relationship with the horse. This therefore enables him develop his equestrian qualities in an atmosphere stimulating motivation and confidence. "
Alexander de Wit, founder of "The Little Gym» Europe


"Great experience with Alev. I have had an excellent approach with my horse, and it was a logical, simple and soft approach with a lot of respect for the animal. Alev has much experience and already in three lessons has provided me with a lot of theory and simple things to practice daily for a better understanding and mutual confidence with my horse. "

France-Alexandra Verleyen


"Thank you Alev, for opening to me the means of a relationship and communication with my horse today, based on my internal force. That of a true leader, one who inspires trust and respect. It allows a person to build little by little, a working relationship that is elegant, sensitive and strong with Man’s Best Friend.  Side by side each can grow and mature "

Kathleen Legrand